Rabbit Ears with Fur

Rabbit Ears with Fur

Rabbit ears with fur provide a great source of fibre and can help cleanse your dogs digestive system of parasitic eggs brushing away and dislodging eggs in the intestines. The fur can also help settle the tummies of dogs with acid reflux.


  • 100%  Natural
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Fur aids teeth cleaning
  • Can contribute to natural de-worming
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps clear away food residue which can build up over time
  • High Protein


Feed as a treat or reward as part of a balanced diet. Supervise whilst eating and provide clean drinking water.


Ingredients: 100% Rabbit 


Nutritional Content: Protein 65% Fats & Oils 28.5% Moisture 5% Ash 1.9%